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Welcome to the Oradell Piano Studio

Located in Oradell, NJ, our small studio provides quality piano instruction to children (age 5+) and adults. We serve the local communities including Oradell, Paramus, Emerson, River Edge, Ridgewood, and New Milford in Bergen County, NJ.

Our goal is to introduce children to a lifetime of musical enjoyment, and to show parents that your child can succeed in piano study through positive learning environment and the combination of private and peer learning.

Our Program highlights:

- Learn to play classical piano: the study leads to students playing masterworks by Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin
- Private lessons, coupled with music theory and creativity classes for K-12 and adults
- 4 levels of instructions: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
- Real pianos are required. No digital pianos accepted as they are not appropriate learning tool, especially for young children

Oradell Piano Studio Summer Program 2024

  1. Twice a week piano lessons
  2. Dates: June 25 ~ July 23
  3. Recital Performance: July 25th
Please contact us to register today.

Pictures from our Feb 4th, 2023 Annual Piano Recital


Student Performance Videos

Our annual piano recital provides opportunity for our students to showcase their artistic expression in front of a large audience. The following videos are from the 2022 Studio Recital.

Pictures from our June 13th, 2021 Spring Semester Recital

Our Lessons Overview

Our lessons for beginning students focus on the piano and music fundamentals. Students learn to play with a correct posture, fingerings, basics of musical notation, rhythm, and harmony. Children at an early age are especially creative; therefore, we incorporate many creative activities including musical questions and answers, games, and compositions. We encourage peer learning whenever possible for efficient absorption of theory materials, and combine them with private instructions that cover the techniques and piano performance.

Our intermediate students are taught skills needed to play more difficult pieces, such as Chopin Waltz, Mozart Sonatas, and Bach Inventions. Intermediate students must play their assigned pieces in front of their classmates as part of the weekly "masterclass-style" piano lessons. This teaching style promotes greater confidence and enjoyment for students, and encourages a quicker learning pace of their pieces. The performance class is followed by music theory class in which students are taught 4-part harmony, counterpoint, modulation, modern music styles, and composition. Many middle-school students belong to this level.

Our advanced piano students continue with our rigorous performance classes combined with advanced music theory. Students will be engaged in an in-depth interpretation of piano masterworks, and have the ability exchange critiques with their peers and the teacher. Students in this level are expected to pass the college AP Music test.

We look forward to your inquiry. References are available upon request.


Ryuji "Rue" Yamauchi
387 Summit Avenue
Oradell, NJ 07649
Tel/Cell: 201-218-9494
E-mail: rue@oradellpiano.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OradellPianoStudio/