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Teacher Biography

Mr. Ryuji “Rue” Yamauchi is a student of Sachiko Sampei (piano, music theory, and composition), Yoko Jimbo (piano), Alvin Fossner (conducting and oboe - Columbia), Robert Pace (piano - Columbia), and Niels Ostbye (piano - Columbia). Mr. Yamauchi has over 20 years of teaching experience, and currently has over 25 K-12 as well as adult students that he teaches full time.

As a composer himself, he emphasizes balance between good techniques and music theory (musical grammar) especially for beginners. As students progress and music becomes complicated, students need both good techniques and the ability to do basic analysis, such as musical structure, harmony, and counterpoint.

Mr. Yamauchi’s piano school, “The Oradell Piano Studio,” uses the proven method of Beyer Op. 101 (106 progressive exercises) for all beginning students, along with the complete music theory and practical theory (meaning, on the keyboard) method of late Dr. Robert Pace (The Pace Method Levels 1-4). Through these methods, students during their first year will have fundamental knowledge of proper counting, reading of parallel and contrary movements in their left and right hands, and develop independence of their fingers. In Music Theory classes, which is usually offered starting in their second year, students learn basic keys including minor keys, basic chords such as I, V, and IV, and to learn them in a fun classroom environment of up to 3-4 students. These music theory classes encompass not only the fundamentals of music theory, but rather the entire spectrum of musical exercises, including sightreading of short pieces through basic analysis and a class discussion, creating and sharing musical answers, rigorous chord progression exercises both written on the whiteboard and assigned to be PLAYED and PRACTICED – all in a classroom environment conducive to positive learning and quick absorption of enormous treasure-trove of information.

Mr. Yamauchi holds a BA degree from Columbia University in 1996 where he majored in music. Mr. Yamauchi began his career in IT as a database programmer and systems analyst, before creating his own company, DataNet Enterprise Solutions Inc., in 2001, which he still operates today; along with his another company, Yamauchi Piano LLC (DBA Oradell Piano Studio).

As a conductor, Mr. Yamauchi has contributed to the development of the male choir, The Men’s Club of New York (MGCNY) in New York City, which was invited to perform the American National Anthem at both the Citi Field (2013 & 2014) and Yankee Stadium (2014) in their MLB pre-game. Their recent activities include the performance in Washington, D.C., at their Cherry-Blossom Festival (2022) as well as annual concerts in December at The Church of The Holy Trinity in New York City. Mr. Yamauchi is currently the Music Director and Conductor for the choir.

Mr. Yamauchi had been the official piano accompanist for the Oradell Public School (OPS) children's choir for over a decade until 2019. Mr. Yamauchi was also a volunteer coach and a commissioner of Oradell Little League around at the same time. Mr. Yamauchi is married to Yuko Yamauchi, who is a 23-year veteran music educator at Passaic Schools. They have 4 children, Masami, Kate, Amy, and Elena.


Ryuji "Rue" Yamauchi
387 Summit Avenue
Oradell, NJ 07649
Tel/Cell: 201-218-9494
E-mail: rue@oradellpiano.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OradellPianoStudio/